Up until 1979, alimony was only awarded to (ex)wives, and not to husbands. Now, you may think that the times were different and women didn’t really have the rights or means to be able to fully support their husbands once divorced. This is partially correct, but this was also the time in which women’s rights were making large moves in the courts and out in society. So doesn’t this seem a little unfair and reversed? William Orr certainly thought so, and he set out to do something about it.  On March 5th, 1979 the Supreme Court ruled that a statute authorizing spousal support for wives but not husbands was unconstitutional. The significance of this judgment is that it rejected the premise that married women are necessarily dependent upon their husbands for financial support. finding that what had been done in the past was an unconstitutional equal protection violation, changed the face of marriage and divorce forever.