Why we can offer $695 Divorce Attorney services with $95 to Start ?


The State Bar of California allows us to offer unbundled legal services and to prepare your documents in Pro Per.  This gives us the ability to reduce our fees and also gives you more control over your case.  Moreover, we use the latest internet technologies.  Clients are given a personal secure password to complete the Client Questionnaire online via a smart phone, tablet or PC.  And, clients may view their document file online as well.   You may start your case over the phone by paying $95 with your credit card or check.


After you become a client, we create a client file and a secure online login for your Client Questionnaire.  You may complete this in 20-60 minutes using your smart phone, tablet or PC.


When the online Questionnaire is completed, you will have a telephone consultation with the attorney to review the Questionnaire and answer any questions. 


Next, the client pays $300.


Your divorce documents are prepared, in Pro Per, and address issues in your Questionnaire, such as child custody, child support, child visitation, spousal support, division of debts and property, waiver of court filing fees and marital settlement agreements.  You will be contacted when your divorce documents are completed and ready for you to sign.


Next, the client pays the final $300.


We will then schedule an appointment with the attorney in our Menifee office to review and sign the documents   You will need to bring a check for $450 for the court filing fee if you are not applying for a Request to Waive Filing Fees.


Our office files your divorce documents with the court clerk in Pro Per and you receive a court case number.


Your divorce documents are served on your spouse via mail by our office or by a professional licensed process server for $100.  After the documents are served on your spouse, we file the Proof of Service with the court. 


Once the POS is filed, the $695 attorney divorce services are complete as per the attorney retainer agreement attached hereto.


You then wait 30 days to see if your spouse files a response.  After the 30 day deadline has passed, you are ready for our $695 Divorce Judgment legal services to seek a final divorce judgment decree.  This last step is required for all divorce cases to receive a divorce judgment.


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