In order to offer our $695 services, our clients first pay $95, then complete our secure online Interview Questionnaire. Then a telephone consultation with the attorney to review the Questionnaire and other issues before preparation of all applicable divorce petition forms. Next, the client pays $300 to cover the preparation of the initial divorce documents and then the attorney meets with the client in our Menifee office to sign the divorce documents. Next, the attorney files these documents with the court with your check for $450 court filing fee or with the Request to Waive Fees, if applicable. Next, the client pays the final $300 for the preparation of the financial documents which together with the Petition documents, are served on the spouse via mail or by personal service for $100. After the documents are served on the spouse, the Proof of Service is filed with the court. Ounce the POS is filed, the $695 attorney divorce services are complete as per the attorney retainer agreement attached hereto and incorporated herein.